“Breivik did NOT act as a Bible-based Christian.”

Yeah he did. You are simply lying. Lies are one of the three main sacraments of “bible believing xians”. The other two are hate and hypocrisy. Anders got the fundie hate one down really well too.

In his manifesto he quotes the bible extensively to justify his actions. There are 8 pages of them. It isn’t even hard, much of the bible is about one genocide or another, it is full of violence, war, and murder.

This is just the boringly common, No True Xian fallacy mixed in with If We Lie A Lot, Maybe People Will Believe The Lie fallacy.

Breivik is a xian and he will go down in history as a xian terrorist. The fundies will go down in history as pathological liars but we already knew that.

raven, Dispatches from the Culture Wars