Making it illegal to cross made up lines on a map is a stupid practice. I hate the term “illegal” as if anyone has the right to say someone else is wrong for merely existing. The term should be “undocumented”. It’s far more appropriate and more accurately descriptive. I have worked alongside undocumented workers and you know what they find jobs and buy goods and services which help increase demand (something sorely lacking in today’s economy). Imagine living in fear that one day you’ll get pulled over for speeding or cited for jaywalking and get deported. Especially if you moved here as a small child. You’re no more hispanic than me and my family has been here since the 1770s. You’d end up in a country you know nothing about that you may have never been to while the rest of your family remains in the states. That’s a pretty horrifying existence if you ask me, yet they still choose to live here. you have to respect it. I’ve sacrificed nothing to live in the states and given the choice I’d probably be a citizen of a European country with better health care and better general access to services.