Not to overplay the comparison, but today’s batch of older, white, racially-insensitive conservatives also assert less government is automatically good, federal taxation suspect, the U. S. president’s a crass, oppressive dictator — and decentralization would solve all problems. Curiously, today’s insurgents want to “take back their country” (just like southern Rebels), forever waxing nostalgic about fantasy golden ages (under Reagan). Not so different from earlier delusions of pre-abolition, ante-bellum plantation golden ages where happy slaves prospered because milk and honey flowed freely.

There is, so far, one great difference: millions were killed and maimed because the Confederacy took arms against its legitimate government. The two-year old Tea Party can’t yet match those casualties in its war against the majority — and against reality. But it’s still young.

Robert Becker, Smirking Chimp