if you are white brown black or saved or pagan, cyborg mormon or chosen here in rw, where weirdos and freaks and undesirable fat old lady folk dwell in the land of the goddess. we gather here as her domestic representatives. we are domestic goddesses. we are hundreds and hundreds and thousands of millions. we are the women who vowed at sinai to defeat the beast in the age of aquarius, and it is written in the future that we did so, as it was written in the past. we are the programmers. we ourselves!!!  women are never reincarnated as men. only men are reincarnated as women. being a woman is your last life. this is written in the kaballah. men are always men until they evolve into being women. this they can do by merely serving the mother in them.

Roseanne Barr, (quoted on) Dispatches from the Culture Wars